Welcome to Bona Fides Driving Schhol


If you’re ready for an excellent start to your driving future, we offer a mix of experience, professional dedication and programs that you won’t find anywhere else. Earning a Drivers License is a privilege that brings you mobility and freedom, but it comes with a great responsibility for safety. When you select a Driving School, choose one that gives you ...

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Bona Fides helps you 100%


With Bona Fides Driving School you will get 100% help to be able to Search the google for driving school in your area, Get first five to eight driving school names, Visit RTA website and search for “driving school passing rates” for the selected driving school and to compare the passing rates and prices to get the “BEST VALUE FOR ...

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With us you are the Best Driver


At Bona Fides Driving School, we specialize in providing quality driving instructions with a particular consideration to learners who require additional time to become safer drivers. The driving lessons are conducted at the pace suitable for the individual. Log book training , 1 hour lesson = 3 hours lessons

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